Google Introduces New Ad Formats for iPad Developers

If you’re an iPad dev that just can’t wait for iAds, and you want to get ads on your free application as soon as possible, you may be interested in Google’s new ad format for iPad. They were just recently launched for iPad devs in Canada and USA.

In a recent blog post by Google Mobile Ads, they said:

“The new iOS SDK supports ad serving in iPad apps using three of the most common online ad formats, instantly making it easier for developers to grow their businesses and for advertisers to expand their presence to the iPad.

Advertisers whose campaigns run on the Google Display Network and include text or image ads in the above sizes can now show ads within iPad applications – provided their campaigns are targeting mobile devices or specifically the iPad.”

If you’ve used Google Adsense before, you probably know that Google doesn’t have the prettiest ads, so if you want to make sure your app is as sexy as it can be, you might just want to wait until iAds is available for iPad.

However, if you’re just interested in making a couple bucks off your free app, and you’re not that concerned with its appearance, you may want to check out the new ad formats.

Article via Mac Stories.

Image via vuemme.

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