Google+ 3.0 App Released, Now Available On iPad

Google has just rolled out Google+ For iPad in the App Store, and included in the release is access to Hangouts and Events. The application has been released for iOS before Android, and it includes Google’s recent algorithm update to prioritize content based on popularity in your timeline.

On the Hangout front, Google is letting users create hangouts with up to eight people, and also giving users the ability to stream the conversations over AirPlay to an Apple TV.

The 3.0 update also lets users gain access to Google+ Events, as well as upload and attach photos from your iOS device directly to your Google+ posts.

Opinions are already mixed on the release, and notable lag seems to be present in version 3.0 of Google+. Read Write Web‘s John Mitchell tweeted earlier: “How do you make something that’s slow and stuttery on an iPad 3? How do you even do it?” It seems that some aren’t noticing much lag while it’s unbearable for others. Who knows, maybe Google’s servers are getting pounded.

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