Get Your Denim On With This iPad Sleeve

Denim iPad Sleeve By MS and Co.

If you’re into the Canadian tuxedo look, you’ll love this new iPad sleeve. MS and Co, a Portland based company, has released a beautiful handmade sleeve which fits all 9.7-inch iPads. The case is made out of White Oak Cone selvedge denim, which gives it a really classy and hip look. The denim is also thick, giving your iPad protection from damage due to drops and falls.

The inside of the sleeve is lined with all natural grey melton wool. This ensures that your iPad’s screen will stay scratch-free in the sleeve and will likely remove finger prints from your screen when being slid in and out of the sleeve.

If you want one of these sleeves for yourself, expect to drop $48 via MS and Co’s website. The company also offers a $28 model for iPhones and a $30 model for Field Notes notebooks. If you want a denim sleeve for both your iPhone and iPad, you can save a few bucks and purchase the combo for $65.

Note: As of now, MS And Co does not offer denim sleeves for the iPad mini or iPhone 5. Hopefully the company adds these models to its denim line soon.

Andrew is a geek, Apple enthusiast, blogger and coffee lover from Chicago.