First generation Wi-Fi 16 GB sold out online

The low-end iPad of yesteryear was previously available for $349 on Apple’s online refurbished store, but as of today, that particular model is no longer for sale.

The cheapest iPad 1 now available for sale is the Wi-Fi + 3G 16 GB at a mere $479.

As with the Mac, refurbished iPads are sold at a reduced price, and are warrantied as new.

These are devices that have been returned for various reasons, undergo a thorough testing and certification process, and are then offered at a lower price than their brand-new counterparts. This process allows Apple to manage its inventory effectively, clearing older or returned stock while maintaining quality standards.

The sale of refurbished iPads, in particular, aligns with Apple’s customer-centric approach. By offering these products at a more affordable price, Apple is able to reach a broader range of customers. Those who might find the cost of a new iPad prohibitive can opt for a refurbished model, enjoying the same functionality without the hefty price tag.

The case of the first-generation Wi-Fi 16 GB iPad running out of stock is a clear indicator of its popularity. It reflects the consumers’ appetite for Apple products and the growing market for affordable, high-quality tech devices.

Stephen Hackett, formerly a Lead Mac Genius at Apple, now spends his days running the IT department of a large non-profit in Memphis, TN. He writes about Apple, design and journalism at Like all twenty-somethings, you can find him… Full Bio