FX Photo Studio HD gets major update

Hipster photo effects make any lame photo better. Crappy photos of your iPad instantly look better with lomo-retro styles. I can’t deny it—I’m that guy. I’ll snappy a photo with my iPhone then instantly head to the photo presets. That’s why I’m pretty excited about the FX Photo Studio HD update that was just released.

The FX Photo Studio team has added 41 new effects, and all are pretty hipsteriffic. Also added in the FX Photo Studio HD update are image resizing tools, social interactions with both Twitter and Tumblr, and adjustable effect parameters.  The more presets the better, but the application also added some effects adjustments to your on-the-go editing arsenal. Being able to manually adjust a preset will help you get the most out of your pictures, even if they’re helpless to begin with.  Trust me, most of my photos are pretty helpless, and FX Photo Studio HD makes them just a little more respectable.

FX Photo Studio also includes in-app purchases for new presets, so you can continually add new effects to your photos as presets become available. The application is also available on the iPhone, so if you’re sans iPad you can still check it out.

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