FoxTrot Cartoonist Uses iBooks Author To Create iBook Comics

Bill Amend, the American cartoonist responsible for the popular FoxTrot comic strip, has decided to experiment with independently publishing his FoxTrot comic digitally on the iPad using nothing but iBooks Author and his God-given talent.

Bill Amend, on the FoxTrot Blog:

“Announcing my simultaneous first steps into the worlds of e-books and self-publishing. I’m pretty excited. If you’re an iPad user who likes FoxTrot or who has a kid who likes FoxTrot, these are for you. (And if you’re a Kindle, Nook, or Android tablet user, please don’t hate me…your day will come!) … I made them myself using Apple’s free iBooks Author software. Each $1.99 book contains 100 strips, some old, some new, some story lines, some stand-alone jokes, some black and white dailies, some color Sundays. The idea is to create mini books that take maybe 20-30 minutes to read and which aren’t bogged down with a ton of outdated references, as happens with my older, chronologically arranged print books.”

Amend is currently selling a FoxTrot Pad Pack on the iBookstore, each priced at $1.99. The Pad Pack, which consists of three different iBooks, may be the first of its kind to reach the iBookstore. We’ve been contemplating a similar move using iBooks Author. That said, we’d prefer to publish our content, both current and future features, in Newsstand instead. Rumor has it that Apple’s working on a similar tool for publishers.

Amend has just proven that iBooks Author is not only a great alternative for independant publishing on digital mediums, but that there are also very few hurdles in your way to get your content in front of readers. If you haven’t played with it yet, you can download the iBooks Author app for free from the App Store.

Via: Daring Fireball


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