Foxconn adds new plants because of iPad demand

Apple and Foxconn must be expecting a huge increase in iPad demand. Foxconn has added new production plants in Chengdu, China, and they’re expecting to increase their iPad production by another 10,000 iPads per day.

Foxconn originally denied the claims about iPads being produced in Chengdu, but “related component players have pointed out that Foxconn already started shipping iPads from the site in November.”

Sources talking to DigiTimes suggested that Apple could ship as many as seven million iPads in the fourth quarter.

I’m no analyst, but I’m pretty sure that would place Apple Inc. at the top of the “tablet” list in terms of sales.

Are you planning on picking up an iPad for someone over the holidays? Or are you hoping Apple announces iPad 2 sometime in January?  At this point I’d recommend waiting, but if you absolutely must get your hands on one, I’d start looking now.

Article Via AppleInsider

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