Eye of the Tiger – iPad Style

Rocky Balboa, rock group Survivor, and Apple fans check it out – Eye of the Tiger redone 100% iPad-style.

All instruments were played using iPad applications downloaded from the App Store.

Scott Harris, responsible for musical production and arrangement of the video, says he used Real Drums, Pro Keys, Baby Scratch, and GuitarMania to record the song.

We used real musicians and the parts were recorded in GarageBand. The iPad piano, drums, scratch and guitar apps were played straight through the song without edits pretty much creating an actual iPad band. There was a click track but we did not copy and paste notes.

The song recording took a few days with a few different sessions. Trying out the apps took the longest as we tried to find the best sounding apps but also had to be the coolest visually. The apps that were closest to how the real instrument plays were not easy to find because there were a ton of options.

Starring in the video are Scott Harris, Harold O’Neal AKA Kid Jazz, and Shea Butta. The video was directed by Jordan Hollender in collaboration with Diane Collins and Zbabam Productions.

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