What can we expect from iPad 2: Rumour Roundup

With January right around the corner, the hype is ramping up, and iPad 2 rumours are coming at a fervent pace. We reported on a couple of them here and there, but we thought it would be best to put them all together all in one place so we can keep score. If we’ve missed anything, let us know in the comments. We’ll keep adding rumors as they keep coming in.

Here’s what we’ve been hearing over the last couple of months.

Camera and FaceTime

Everyone wanted a camera when the first iPad was announced, and now that FaceTime is getting a major push from Apple Inc., it’s being speculated that both will make their way to the iPad. Peter Farago, VP of marketing at Flurry, thinks the iPad will have FaceTime built into it. He’s not alone – almost everyone thinks this is going to happen.

Better Specs

128 GB of storage space and more RAM have all made the rumour mill for the iPad 2. Projecting a spec bump is another safe bet, although no one knows exactly what will be in the device, except maybe Gizmodo, if they managed to jack another pre-production model.

Only 7 Inches?

Rumors have been rampant that Apple’s going to announce two iPads, one at the current size, and another at 7 inches. Everyone from Businessweek to Wall Street Analysts have reported on the rumour. Jim Dalrymple thinks that it’s bunk, and we tend to agree with him.

More Like the iPhone 4

Component suppliers informed Shanzai.com on September 17th that Apple was already sourcing parts for the iPad 2, and that it would ship in the new year. On top of the announced timeline, Shanzai believes that the iPad 2 would look more like an iPhone 4 than the current iPad.

The iPhone 4 comparison is a little bit hard to believe.

CDMA / GPS Chipset

On September 30th, Apple Insider reported that someone “close to the issue” informed them that Qualcomm, the creator of CDMA, was meeting with Apple to discuss a chip that would make the iPhone available on both the CMDA and UMTS/HSPA+ networks. That would mean one phone would work on both basebands. Included in the rumour, a similar chip that would fit into the iPad 2.

Retina Display

On October 7th, we heard from Brian White (Ticonderoga Securities) that the iPad 2 is going to include a Retina Display. It’s a relatively safe rumour to announce considering the rest of the iOS devices have shipped with Retina Displays.

Mini-USB Connector

Some people are alleging that the iPad will have a Mini-USB connector instead of, or in addition to, Apple’s dock connector.  This one’s really hard to stomach since no iOS device has ever shipped with a Mini-USB connector. The Apple TV seems to be the first device that’s come with a Mini-USB port.  Apple makes a killing off of their Dock Connector patent and royalties for its use.  We have a hard time seeing them switching this one up.  Goldman Sachs analysts, Henry King and Kevin Lu, think this is a possibility.  We’d be pretty surprised if it happened.

Two Dock Connectors

Are you annoyed that there’s only one way to connect a dock connector to your iPad?  If you’ve spent any time with Apple’s iPad keyboard you’re probably aware that using the device in Portrait mode can be awkward sometimes.  So, what about a landscape connector?  That’s what some rumours are claiming – not one, but two connectors, one on the side of the device when held in a portrait orientation, and another on the bottom.  Sounds pretty dumb to us, especially since this can easily be rectified with air syncing.  Buy a normal dock without a connector, a normal bluetooth keyboard, and you won’t have this problem.

Will Ship in the First or Second Quarter of 2011

The safe money is on an announcement in January, as usual, and shipping after that. The first edition of the iPad was announced in January and shipped in the spring. It’ll likely happen that way again, unless Jobs and Co. stockpile the devices for release on announcement day.

iPad Mockup Via Fotoboer.nl

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