Etsy Find: A book for your iPad

All these cases for your iPad that make your device look like a book, or a moleskin, or some other device that hangs out on a bookshelf are going to have me going broke — fast.  I’ve delayed pulling the trigger on a Dodocase because they take four to six weeks to deliver, being hand crafted and all. Moleskin has yet to announce an official version of their e-reader series (here’s the Kindle DX version), so I’m left craving a book for my iPad.

Etsy to the rescue!

These Hard Cover Jackets for the iPad are a little bit cheaper than some of the others, at $60.00 and $50.00, respectively. You can be certain that no thief on a bike is going to be running you down for your book any time soon. Unless of course, it’s someone like me, who knows full well that this book houses a shiny iPad. But don’t worry, I won’t be leaving Canada for a while.

Article Via AppleGazett

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