Elton John leaks the Skype iPad 2

Elton John may be a self-proclaimed luddite, but according to an interview, he’s getting a Skype iPad 2 in April so that he can keep dibs on his son while out and about.

I’m not kidding, Skype iPad 2, in April. Mark your calendars folks. For a luddite, he certainly has a finger on the feature-set, no matter how misplaced his techno-babble is in the interview. Transfer Skype iPad, with FaceTime, and he might not be all that far off the mark with his guess. Do you think we could get him to do a weekly rumor column?

Now excuse me. I’ve got to go watch the Tiny Dancer scene from Almost Famous. That’s easily the best music inspired moment on video ever made.

Tiny Dancer scene from Almost Famous

Article Via GearLog

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