Despite Kindle Fire Growth, Apple Still Holding Majority Of The Market

According to the ad firm Chitika, Apple’s iPad accounts for 87 percent of all tablet web traffic, despite the growing number of Galaxy Tab and Kindle Fire devices on the market. The closest tablet behind the iPad family in web traffic is Amazon’s Kindle Fire line, which, in early December, owned 4.25 percent of all tablet web browsing. In November, the Kindle Fire accounted for just 3.57 percent of tablet web traffic.

The other major tablet families on the market, which include the Samsung Galaxy and Google Nexus line, account for just 2.65 percent and 1.06 percent of tablet web browsing respectively. Because of the small growth of the Samsung Galaxy and Kindle Fire line, the iPad has lost just 1 percent of tablet web traffic since November.

This data was collected by Chitika during the small time period of December 8th to December 14th. The statistics are based on millions of ad impressions made by tablet users during this time period.

Since these statistics were collected before the holiday tablet buying rush, the results are likely no longer as accurate as they could be; however, these numbers do give us a good look at pre-holiday tablet web share.

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