Debunked: iPad 2 case leaks onto the internet, claims rear camera, SD Card slot

It’s about that time again. Leaks are starting to find their way onto the internet, and it’s only going to get worse between now and iPad 2 announcement day. So brace yourself for a ton of FUD.

A couple of images have shown up, claiming to be iPad 2 cases, and the speculation is that, if legit, these cases point to the inclusion of a rear facing camera and an SD Card slot in the iPad 2. From the images, the first is quite obvious — there’s clearly a cut-out where the camera should be — but the “SD Card” slot leaves a lot unanswered.

The speculation is that the cut out on the bottom left side of the case in the picture above is an SD card slot, but there’re no visible indicators as to where the speaker might be. Right now, that giant cut out is where the speaker is on iPad 1.0. It’s really hard to jump to the conclusion that the cut out is for an SD Card reader, considering Apple has a Camera Connector Kit for sale.

Take a look at the picture below, and ask yourself this: Where’s the speaker when I turn that iPad 180 degrees.

Article Via MacRumors

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