Hi Dave, Apple got their iPad design from 2001: A Space Odyssey

In what has to be one of the most hilarious, sad, and genius attempts at discrediting a patent, Samsung has pointed to a 2001: A Space Odyssey clip that lasts about a minute in the famous Kubrick film as an example of previous artwork existing. The clip shows a couple of astronauts using a tablet that looks an awful lot like an iPad or a GalaxyTab.

We’re not joking either. Samsung is a little more badass than we give them credit for, or they’re seriously reaching. We’ll let you decide which of the two categories you want to file them in.

Proving there’s prior artwork available that looks like the iPad could lay to rest a lot of the legal battles that Apple has filed against its competitors for ripping off the design, should a judge actually agree with Samsung’s claims.

We’re not lawyers, and we have no idea how this could play out, but we have to admit that the tablet looks nothing like Apple’s tablet, except maybe the display that takes up the entire device. To be completely honest, when stumbling on the image in question, I originally thought that Samsung was claiming that the table the astronauts are eating at was the prior artwork. That may make a bit more sense, wouldn’t it?

Source: Florian Müller

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