The Danish really want their “Page 9” girl in the App Store

Opinions on the female body as art form aside, the Danish tabloid Ekstra Bladet is starting to kick up some sand with an editorial slamming Apple for censoring the Danes rights to free boobies in an iPad application.

The backstory goes something like this: Ekstra Bladet has published topless, and sometimes nude, women in their publication since 1979. It was only a logical presumption on their part that they would include the popular section in their upcoming iPad magazine. The problem though is that Steve Jobs has told the internet that if they want “porn” on a tablet, they can buy an Android device. Ekstra Bladet was denied access to the App Store. No boobies allowed.

But the fight didn’t end with Ekstra Bladet’s denial of access on the App Store. Instead, they took the fight to the European Commission, and then to the internet, publishing an editorial with commentary on the situation.

Here’s an excerpt from the article:

“No Dane has ever gotten the strange idea that Page 9-girl would be banned. But now, narrow-minded, American tasters from computer giant Apple tittet with through the keyhole, and decided that the sweet Danish girl is offensive – for the Danes in Denmark.This completely deranged assertion means that as long as we have a 9-girl side in Ekstra Bladet, we can not be allowed to sell the newspaper to the Danes — in Denmark — Apple’s iPad and iPhone.

It’s called ‘nanny state’ (paternalistic society), where otherwise intelligent and gifted people think it’s best for you and me that they control our lives down to the smallest detail.

Some might think this is a small matter, but it is very fundamental. Danish legislation becomes inoperative by a private American company. No matter what it is about, no one should tolerate it. We will certainly not.”

We kind of understand where the Danes are coming from. Being from Canada, we get a little bit (actually a whole lot) annoyed when American institutions push their culture on us up here in the igloo capital of the world, but at some point the line has to be drawn in the snow. Apple’s chosen to draw that line right around “adult” images on their App Store. It’s their right, and frankly, nothing is stopping Ekstra Bladet from creating a mobile web application for the iPad. That being said, what’s the point of multiple global App Stores if it’s not to take into account cultural norms in the countries they represent? If the Danes really want boobies, why not give them boobies in the Danish App Store?

Article Via Fortune

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