Craigslist gets a classified-esque iPad app

More often than not, any application that tries to recreate a lifelike object in a digital format tends to fail. Lifelike Craig HD is not like that at all; instead, the application sets out to get Craiglist to look like an actual classifieds page out of a newspaper, and it succeeds.

The application lets you manage your Craigslist addiction by letting you post directly to the web service, manage your posts, and everything else you’d expect to come from a Craigslist application.

If the first place you turn to in a day is Craigslist, then you’re going to want to check out LifeLike’s Craig HD. You won’t be disappointed. Some things are better off in an old-school format, and Craig HD does it better than most. Craigslist looks best as a classified, and Craig HD makes that happen. You can circle and scratch out entries, you can see photo galleries, and you can even see a map of where the object is in your city.

We should also probably point out that the application isn’t officially endorsed by Craigslist, and that the app is run by a thirty party called LifeLike, just in case that wasn’t clear from the post.

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