Collections, folders coming to iBooks

iBooks kind of sucks. I want to like it, but it’s a giant mess. It can be such a pain in the rear trying to find your books. Add in the fact that there’s a ton of app-books on the App Store and not in the iBookstore and you start to see exactly what the problem is for the iBooks app.

The first solution: no books in the App Store. I don’t care if they’re digital, animated, audio-filled books. If there’re words on pages at any point, it should be in the iBookstore.

Second, collections are rumoured to be on the horizon.  This is a fancy new way to describe folders, but the idea is great. You should, hopefully in the near future, be able to group books by genre, or however you see fit. For instance, if you have the entire Vonnegut collection, you could put them all into a collection. Or, you could create a collection of all of your favourite books. The choice would be yours.

Sadly, most of these changes won’t help the service all that much if they don’t start landing more deals with publishers. I still can’t get any of the Stieg Larsson books in the iBookstore. That’s the biggest hurdle Apple has right now with the iBookstore. They can refine their book app all they want, but if I can’t find the book I’m looking for, I’ll be heading straight to Amazon.

Is your iBookshelf as empty as mine?

Article Via Cult of Mac

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