Childhood favorite, Incredible Machine, makes its way to the App Store

iOS has given a lot of retro games a second life, and a couple of developers a little bit extra cash to squeeze out of the originals. Walt Disney has decided that it’s time to cash in on The Incredible Machine again, and this time the game has made its way to the iPad.

Named one of the top 150 games of all time, this 90s classic, and personal favorite, lets you build wildly constructed machines to to accomplish very simple objectives, like launching a rocket, or getting a mouse back to its home. Think a Rube Goldberg machine, but customizable and for your iPad. Although, if you know exactly who Rube Goldberg is, and catch the reference, you’re probably well aware of The Incredible Machine, and likely played the original, so I’m going to stop singing to the choir, and just tell you to go and download the game.

Do it. Do it now.

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