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For a while now I’ve been writing about how the iPad can be used in schools for education, or how it can be used for entertainment.  Be it watching videos, playing games, or simply reading a novel.  Well, I’d like to switch gears and look at how the iPad could make an impact in the business world.  The iPad has core apps that would be great for use in business.

Olga Kharif of BusinessWeek is reporting that the iPad has peeked the interests of many people in business.  One in particular is Jim Turner, who has ordered fifteen iPads.  Jim runs a consultant agency, and he provides Information Technology Services to Law Firms and other businesses in the D.C. area.  When asked how he would be using the iPad, he simply responded with, “It’s for business,…”.  Jim goes on to explain how he will use the iPad in his business:

“…says he’ll use the computer for checking e-mail on the go and taking notes while setting up client computer systems.”

Jim brings up an excellent point for the iPad in business.  Checking email.  Something that’s unavoidable in business is email.  Personally, I don’t know how we functioned before email.  With the iPad you can be mobile, yet stay in touch with your employees or clients.  The iPad will also include iCal with a gorgeous interface.  I’m not lying when I say that the interface is gorgeous.  My only hope is that they port this over to iCal for the Mac.  With iCal on the iPad you will have access to all of your appointments, plus you can make changes and updates to you calendar right in the app.  Let’s not forget about Address Book.  This is key to keep in contact with everyone.  If you need to write up an email, no problem you have your entire Address Book with you wherever you go.  Or, you might need to look up your clients address, it’s just a finger touch away.

Apple will be offering iWork for the iPad.  Fortunately for us it’s not just a port of the desktop applications.  Instead it has been re-tooled to utilize a touch interface.  And, unlike the desktop version where you have to buy all three applications as a suite, on the iPad you get to pick and choose.  Best of all each app will only cost $9.99.  So, how would you use Numbers on the iPad, you don’t have a mouse to click and drag.  Well, as I mentioned before you’ll will interact with Numbers by touching the area you want to manipulate.  For example, you will hold on the cell you want to copy, and then drag it across the spreadsheet.  Pages will also be very useful for writing up documents or jotting down some notes.

The app that I think will definitely be most used in a business environment is Keynote.  This is Apple’s presentation application.  With the added VGA dongle, you’ll be ready to show your presentation on any projector.  Another great feature with Keynote is you’ll be able to make changes right on your iPad.  This is very beneficial when you’re about to give your presentation, and you notice that you forgot to add a slide, or you found some spelling errors.

Microsoft has been trying to make the TabletPC a success in business; however, they have somewhat fallen short of what they envisioned the TabletPC to be in the business market.  Now there are going to be some that say that the TabletPC is a success.  I ask those people, why it has not been more widely adopted in business?  I can’t say that the iPad will be a success, but it definitely has potential to be great.  It will have less of a barrier of entry than the iPhone did because the iPhone is almost like the big brother in the sense that it paved the way for the iPad.  You are going to have employees that are comfortable with the iPhone, and be more willing to accept the iPad in their business world.  Are you planning on using the iPad for business?  If you are, how will you use it, and how will it increase productivity for you?  I’d like to know, so tell me in the comments section below.

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Article Via BusinessWeek

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