Baldur’s Gate remake to hit the $10 mark on the iPad

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Jason Schreier of Kotaku took a moment to interview the COO of Beamdog about their upcoming Baldur’s Gate remake.

Cameron Tofer, Beamdog COO:

Baldurs Gate is a pretty big game and we’re not cutting it down to size[…] There’s a boatload of content there, 80+ hours. But past ten dollars doesn’t make sense.

On one hand, this is good news for consumers. A full-fledged and beloved RPG is coming to the iPad for a bargain-basement price. On the other hand, I worry that the App Store’s race to the bottom ecosystem could hurt iOS game development in the long run. Sure, small time wasters like Cut the Rope are incredibly fun and worth supporting, but is it feasible to develop major new games when you know you’re not going to be able to sell them at $30 or $40 in any significant quantity? While I’d love to see high quality games continue at the $5 and $10 price points, I want large-scale games to happen as well.

Less controversially, Tofer also confirmed that the iPad version of Balduer’s Gate Enhanced Edition will support multiplayer as well. For $10 USD or less, you’ll be able to get your D&D on with your friends. So, who wants to slay dragons with us?

Source: Kotaku

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