Axiotron trying to up the ante by giving away a digitizer pen


If anyone ever believed that a tablet running OS X was the future, no one believe more than the fine folks at Axiotron. They poured their heart and soul into making an OS X tablet a reality, and they were doing it before most of us realized that we wanted a tablet in our workflow.

I’ve spent quite a bit of time drooling over their sample shots, but sadly I couldn’t justify the expense for the device. It was just a little too steep for me, and I’m sure a bunch of people probably felt the same way. Unless you were dead serious about your need for a tablet, the $899 + Price of ModBook just wasn’t all that realistic for most users.

We’re not sure what there plans are, and considering the rumours that Apple might still be releasing a full fledged tablet in the fall, I’m sure they’re spending some brain cycles trying to map our their future as well. Hopefully, they can find a way to keep themselves a head of the curve.

Currently, there’s not much competition between the iPad and the ModBook, both can co-exist, but only time will tell is Apple has decided to take a run at a full fledged tablet.

Well now, Axiotron has decided to giveaway a free digitizer pen with their ModBook, while supplies last, so if you’re a digital artist of any kind, you might be interested in checking it out. There’s a lot to be said for being able to write directly on the screen instead of on a separate tablet.

Article Via Cult of Mac

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