Average of estimates from analysts suggests almost 8 million iPads sold in Q3

Here’s a question: are users genuinely embracing mobile computing or are they simply fans of Apple devices? If it’s the former, tablets of all types would be selling. The market is seeing a huge influx of handheld computing systems, all of which are underperforming. This suggests it’s Apple’s magic that’s driving forward tablet adoption, not tablets themselves.

The Q3 (which ended on June 25) figures recently released show a varied estimate of iPad sales for Apple. At the top is Navin Nagrani of the Apple Finance Board, who reckons 9.5 million iPads were sold while the lowball contrast is from Gleacher & Co. at 6 million.

The mean approximation is 7.92 million iPad sales, which is a 142% increase on last year’s Q3 figures. Whether that’s actually the case (Apple reveals its official figures next Tuesday) is another matter, but it’s likely to not be that far off the mark with Wall Street predicting 7.72 million.

Only time will tell for concrete numbers, but what’s certain is that Apple’s continuing to dominate with the iPad.

Via: Cult of Mac
Source: CNN
Photo Credit: The D34n


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