Aussie LTE iPad Keeps Its Name


The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has taken Apple to task for branding their Australian model of the new iPad as “LTE” when, in fact, it cannot use LTE outside of North America. Apple agreed to mediation, but it looks as though that was fruitless. Apple still refuses to rebrand the tablet way down south.

Lucy Battersby, SMH:

Apple also agreed to contact all customers and advise them the tablet did not work on Australian 4G networks and to offer refunds.

While Apple is digging in on its ability to advertise how it wants, it isn’t being completely anti-consumer. Truth be told, it is actually in Apple’s best interest to do something like this. The number of returns are unlikely to be significant, and they come out of the situation smelling, if not like roses, then at least like freshly cut grass.

What do you think? Should Apple be allowed to market the new iPad as LTE-capable in markets where the users can’t use LTE? Is this a serious problem, or are the Aussies getting their panties in a bunch over nothing? We want to know your take on this story, so take a minute, and leave a comment below this post. It’s really easy! We use LiveFyre as our comment system, and you only have to log in with your Twitter or Facebook account to leave a comment. Can’t wait to hear from our readers down under.

Source: SMH
Image Credit: Hans Braxmeier


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