Atomix and Area 5 team up to create the world’s first videogame magazine for the iPad


If you’re into video games, and you find yourself missing the good old days of 1UP and CO-OP, then you might be interested in knowing that the Area 5 team has  teamed up with Atomix to bring you the world’s first videogame iPad magazine.

The original download is free, but in order to get the first edition of the magazine you’ll have to buy it in-app for a dollar.

I’ve only taken the app and first edition for a test run, so I can’t really comment on the articles too much. But, the magazine seems well put together, and the Area 5 team has provided excellent multimedia material for the magazine.

The magazine does seem a little bit glitchy at times, but for a first edition of a digital magazine, it’s pretty great. The magazine seems to load each page every time you navigate to it, so there’s a brief second between flipping a page and having it render.

If you can get over that slight delay, it seems pretty legit.

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