Apple’s website is already sold out of iPad stock for launch day

Screen Shot 2012 03 09 at 2 53 50 PM

If you wanted to get a new iPad on March 16th, the day of the launch, you might just be out of luck if you’re not willing to wait in line at an Apple Store. All models, black/white and Wi-Fi/4G are all set to deliver on the 19th of March if you order now from Apple’s site. In two days, all of Apple’s pre-order stock for the launch has sold out. Impressive.

If you want your new iPad any time soon, you should consider ordering right away. Who knows what the ship dates might start slipping to for new orders. Don’t say that we didn’t warn you.

Have you ordered your new iPad yet? If not, what is holding you up? Concerns over 4G hotspots? Cash flow issue? Let us know the status of your iPad order in the comment section below this post. I ordered mine on Wednesday, and it is currently in the processing phase. It won’t be long until my shiny new iPad will be in my greasy paws. If you can’t wait either, hit us up on our Facebook page. Maybe we should start a support group for people longing for new Apple products.

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