Apple’s helping people donate iPads to the Teach For America program

Apple has just announced that they’ve set up a donation program that lets iPad 1 owners donate their current iPads to the Teach For America program.

The iPads will be donated to teachers in lower income schools to help bring the classrooms into the new digital age. Classrooms in these neighbourhoods are usually disadvantaged and lack basic technologies needed by students these days. So, if you’re updating to the iPad 2, and you have no need for your current generation iPad, donating it would be a wise choice.

There’s no mention on the website about tax receipts or anything like that, so you might want to ask the employees at the Apple Store for more details. Even if you don’t get a tax receipt, making a donation to help the less fortunate students around the country is a great option.

Apple will be accepting the donations at Apple Retail Stores throughout the US, and we hope that we’ll eventually see the program adopted in other countries as well.

Well done Apple.

Article Via Apple Website
Photo Credit: WiredEducator

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