Apple turns iPads into iPad 2s for Rutgers class

Apple gets it. They know full well that determining enterprise level success in the future has everything to do with winning over students of today. Total market domination begins in the classroom. Just ask Microsoft. It looks like Apple might be taking education a little more seriously this week. According to Forbes, Apple has replaced a bunch of original iPads with iPad 2s for students enrolled in Rutgers’ Center for Management Development.

But before you go getting your underwear all bunched up, picking out your favorite pitchfork along the way, it sounds like the iPads were being purchased somewhere between Apple’s return policy dates for the iPad. The Forbes article doesn’t point out the exact dates that the iPads were purchased, but they do say: “One of these classes – on digital marketing – was slated to use the original iPad because its start date falls a few days earlier than the iPad 2’s official (March 11) on-sale date.”  It sounds like the iPads were just purchased, and likely still unopened.

For those of you who are about to sound the unfair horn in our comments, Apple’s announced a rebate for customers who purchased an iPad shortly before the iPad 2 announcement. You’re also able to return your iPad if you meet certain criteria set out in Apple’s return policy.

The iPad is seeing huge success in education. Apple knows it, we know it, and most importantly, students know it.  Those students can make Apple a lot of money down the road if Apple plays their cards right.

Article Via Forbes
Photo Credit: Obama Pacman

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