Apple stores now carrying Fling Joysticks


While gaming on iOS devices is pretty great, playing a game designed for joysticks can be frustrating on a sheet of glass. While iOS developers are shipping apps with better and better virtual controls, there’s something great about physical controls when it comes to games like first-person shooters.

Several companies have launched products to help solve this. One of these products — the Fling Joystick — is now available at brick and mortar Apple stores.

Tthe Fling Joystick attaches to the iPad with suction cups, so it doesn’t slide around on the glass. The joystick itself is transparent, so it doesn’t block any of the screen. The whole thing looks really well built.

We reviewed the Joystick-it back in March, and while Josh liked the chrome joysticks, I’m leaning toward the Fling just for the smaller form-factor. I may just have to swing by my local Apple Store this weekend. A single joystick will set you back $19.99, or $29.99 for a pair.

NBA Jam, I’m coming for you in a whole new way.

Article Via Mac|Life