Apple stock takes an initial hit, but explodes on the announcement of the iPad price.

I poked fun of the Nexus One a couple weeks back when the stocks took a hit. I knew full well that it was the norm, and that after any technology keynote there’s a period of sell, sell, sell from all the day traders. It’s pretty normal. Stock holders panic on the news because they’ve spent months speculating how great a device might be, but no matter what, the device never seems to live up to consumer expectations.  Apple isn’t any different, and upon the announcement of the iPad stocks plummeted.  But there was one key difference.

The key difference between the Nexus One and iPad stock drop

The difference between the Apple iPad release and the Nexus One release is that the graph looked completely different. For both the devices there was a sharp decline in stock prices at the moment of announcement for both devices, but the Nexus One didn’t regain the losses it had incurred throughout the Google Keynote. Apple, on the other hand steadily increased after it’s initial fall on the announcement of the iPad.

While people were skeptical about the iPad upon seeing it for the first time, it became quite apparent that Steve Jobs was winning over the crowd as he began showing off what the device can do. Heck, a the moment the pricing plan was announced the price surpassed the amount that Apple stock was at previous to the keynote.

A little part of me wonders if this stock chart might be indicative of the road that lay ahead for Apple when it comes to the success of the iPad. It certainly parallels the course taken by the iPhone since its release. People were skeptical about the iPhone, and slowly began warming up to it as word started to roll in from early adopters that the phone was a game changer. Sales steadily increased, and then suddenly it exploded into the phone we’ve come to love today. It wouldn’t surprise me if this graph could be turned into consumer interest in the iPad. I guess only time will tell.

[image via SingularityDsgn]

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