Apple Starts To Sell Refurbished 128GB iPads On The Apple Online Store


Apple has just started to sell the refurbished 128GB iPad with Retina Display on its online store. They’re offering both the black and white models of the iPad for $679 refurbished, a pretty $120 off of its standard resale price of $799. As of right now, these refurbished iPads are shipping in five to seven business days.

Apple’s refurbished store offers like-new Apple products for a discounted price. All products that Apple sells through its refurbished store are given new batteries, outer-shells, and new accessories. Refurbished Apple products are shipped in plain white Apple boxes.

Apple’s 128GB iPad with Retina Display is relatively new to Apple’s lineup of products. It was released back in January of 2013 and is catered to mobile professionals and creatives who need extra storage for documents and media.

Image Source: William Hook

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