Apple Retail Stores; Friday 8am opening for UK, Italy, Switzerland…

I’m based in the UK and the “Big Wait” is almost over. The iPad’s international arrival has been a bit of a drag, over a month to be specific, with speculations floating around that they simply oversold to the USA. Reports indicate that they are shifting 2ooK units a week, which means someone is buying them. However, it looks as though this Friday the wait will finally come to an end—”While supplies last”, of course.

The image above is a capture from my inbox and it shows Apple is keen to get the doors open for what looks to be some serious shopping ahead. This feels like an event, like something you need to experience, and even though I was a ‘safer’ and ordered mine online the minute it was available to pre-order, I somehow feel I will be left out if I don’t go and experience the chaos. I wonder if this is the magic that Harry Potter fans felt at the midnight launches.

The opening of the store is 10am typically, but I wonder if they figure since some people may be camping out (is anyone camping out?), that it makes sense to start selling earlier. Also the email says there will be staff in store to help you get set up if you need to, which is great. For me, once I open that box it will be very difficult for anyone to get it out of my hands.

Have you pre-ordered your iPad? Are you confident it will arrive on Friday? Are you camping out at your local Apple store? Do you think they will be sold out by noon?

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