Apple profiles 4 big businesses using iPads

If you don’t think tablets are a big deal yet, you’re probably going to want to watch a couple of the videos included in some of these Apple profiles. Apple’s illustrating the ways that companies such as Hyatt, RehabCare, Dr. Ferencz, and charity: water are using their tablets to conduct business on a daily basis.

Despite the constant claims from IT deptarments around the globe, it’s interesting to hear what Hyatt Hotels & Resorts thinks about integrating the new tablet into their work flow, “The introduction of the iPad was quite easy…We’re able to quickly and easily get instant synchronization of mail, contacts, calendars, without IT involvement.

We expected that the introduction to the workforce would go off without a hitch, but it’s the last part of the comment that really struck a cord with me, the “without IT involvement” is something that we’re beginning to hear more often these days. We suspect this is the real reason why corporate IT personnel complain about Apple products in the work force. Less IT involvement means smaller IT departments, which then means less jobs for IT professionals, it is a little bit curious when one stops to think about it, isn’t it.

Is the iPad a panacea? Nope, but it certainly is changing the way we think about computing devices in the work place, and that’s a good thing. Just because computers were used one way in the workplace for decades doesn’t mean it’s the best way to do it moving forward. It’s exciting times to be in the IT industry.

Article Via Apple

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