Apple paying up for Google Ads

What would the world be like if Google decided to throw up ridiculous barriers for their Adwords campaigns? Maybe they would exclude certain topics from the targeted ad program, like say, Apple? While it’s already curious that Google’s image search doesn’t turn up accurate photo results for the iPhone or iPad yet, they do seem to be accepting Apple’s money for an AdWords campaign.

Really Google? There isn't anything more relevant?

What keywords is Apple paying to have their links displayed under? The competition of course. Searches for “dell streak” and “hp slate” bring up advertisements for Apple’s iPad pages in Google’s UK version. At the time of writing, there were no similar results on the Canadian version of Google’s search site.

It’s a blatantly obvious marketing ploy that’s sure to draw some extra sales. Most people don’t even realize that the links at the top of the search engine’s results are even advertisements, and studies have shown that people just click, thinking it’s the most relevant search result for their query.

Article Via TechCrunch

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