Apple on track to top HP as largest mobile PC seller in 2012

Apple’s ascendency looks to continue in 2012. If the hugely popular iPad is categorized as a portable computer, it’ll mean that Apple will bump HP off its top spot of lead mobile PC vendor. With sales expected to hit 60 million next year, and the total amount of tablets shipped only a little above that at 80 million, the potential for the change in power is certainly possible.

Add to the math the 15 million MacBooks, and you’ve got a total of 75 million. Compare that to the estimated 45–56 million HP expects to sell, and you can see that Apple would well and truly be in the driving seat.

Obviously even if the iPad stays categorized as a standard PC, that still leaves Apple top of that market based on the data distributed last October.

Source: DigiTimes
Via: AppleInsider

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