Apple Now Certified To Sell Brazilian Made iPads Domestically

With production of iPhones and iPads finally underway in Brazil, it was only a matter of time until Apple began selling the locally made devices within the country. Foxconn, the company responsible for the manufacturing of the iPad both in China and Brazil, will begin shipping the Brazilian made, 16-gigabyte iPad 2 within Brazil.

According to a MacRumors tipster, Apple has gained the proper certifications to begin selling the Brazilian made iPad 2 within the country:

the company has already received certification to sell Brazilian-assembled models of the 16 GB iPad 2 in Brazil alongside the current Chinese-assembled models. Apple already sells the full line of iPad 2 models in Brazil, but only the 16 GB models will continue to be available once the new iPad launches and it appears that Apple will be adding domestically-assembled models to the mix at that time.

The Chinese version of the iPad 2 is already on sale in Brazil, and it sounds like there could be a mix of Chinese made and Brazilian made iPads available within the country in the near future. As for the new iPad, it is not available in Brazil yet. Apple has not been able to obtain the proper certifications for the device within the country. As it stands, there’s no indication from Apple when they may be certified, and there’s no public release date set from the company yet.

All that being said, who the heck is going to wait for Apple to get the certifications they need to buy the new iPad in Brazil? Sure, buying it from a local vendor is a lot easier, but there are plenty of places to procure the device online, should you really want one. It’s kind of funny how the global economy is great for businesses looking to ship off manufacturing to cheaper countries, but the moment it comes time for consumers to purchase goods, the government puts that kind of thing on lock down.

Anyway, Foxconn has recently built five new factories in Brazil to keep up with international iPad demand. Foxconn is also receiving a bunch of tax breaks for manufacturing the iPad in the region. It’s only a matter of time until you begin seeing “Assembled In Brazil” on the back of your favorite Apple products.

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