Apple wants to see you in line on Friday for iPad 2 release

Yesterday, Gene Munster said we shouldn’t expect to see much of a lineup in front of Apple stores during the iPad 2 extravaganza on Friday, but apparently Apple has different ideas for the iPad 2 release day.

Apple’s been sending around emails today announcing that the iPad 2 will launch “Friday, March 11, at 5:00 p.m.” It doesn’t stop there though. They’re taunting us right from the beginning of the email: “Be the first to get the next iPad.”

Maybe that guy in the tent camping out at an Apple store in Texas knows something we don’t about the iPad 2 lineup. Heck, he’s probably going to beat us all to the first iPad 2 purchase. Are you heading down to an Apple Store to get in line on Friday, or are you going to wait until the dust settles?

I’ve never waited in line for a new Apple product. Usually I just order online and wait for the device to show up. I know, not very Macgasm of me, is it?

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