Apple launches iPad in China

Apple launched the WiFi version of the iPad in China on Friday, only 5 months after its initial release. Hundreds lined up outside the flagship Apple Store in Beijing and the newly opened Shanghai store (the beautiful glass structure that Steve Jobs highlighted during the September press event) for a chance to buy the iPad on release day. Customers were limited to two iPads each. Apple’s stock surged on Thursday to an all time high of $276.57 in advance of the news.

The first in line in Beijing was Han Ziwen, who said he had camped out for 60 hours in order to be first. He even wore a T-shirt that said “I BUY IPAD NO. 1”. He held the iPads above his head in jubilation, much to the delight of the cheering crowd.

The 16 GB WiFi iPad costs 3,988 yuan, roughly $593 USD. The most expensive 64GB version is priced at 5,588 yuan ($830 USD). That’s nearly $100 to $130 more than the same models are priced in the US.

Apple has not said when the 3G model will be available in China. Mobile operator China Unicom, which already offers the iPhone3GS, is definitely interested in adding the iPad to its lineup.

Article and Image via AFP

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