Apple just made more on iPhoto for iOS in ten days than RIM probably did on the PlayBook

iPhoto for iOS, released only 10 days ago, has already been purchased more than 1 million times, bringing total sales of the app to $4.99 million dollars. That’s absolutely mind-boggling, and probably the biggest indicator that the average consumer is starting to rely heavily on iOS apps and the iPad instead of desktops and laptops. No matter how you slice it, those numbers are staggering.

Also interesting is the fact that iLife based applications are included with every new Mac sold, but they are not included with iPad purchases. Instead you have to buy each iLife application individually in the App Store for iOS devices. Listen, I’m not complaining. iPhoto for the iPad at $4.99 in an absolute steal, but it’s still an interesting move to charge for the software for new iOS users, but give it away for free on Mac. To be fair though, Mac editions were stuck on a particular release, and iOS apps will presumably be updated year after year with new features, making the $4.99 an even bigger steal.

Still though, $4.99 million in ten days for iPhoto iOS. That’s insane.

Via: The Loop


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