Apple iPad’s battery replacement program, you’ll be surprised!

All of Apple’s portable and mobile products have non-removable batteries.  The iPad is not any different.  Apple claims that they are able to achieve longer battery life with the battery integrated into their devices.  Now some people who travel overseas have found this undesirable, because they can’t switch out the battery during their flight.  They have a valid point; however, there are external battery packs that can give your laptop that extra juice it needs to complete your flight.  Personally, I don’t care either way.  I’ve had my MacBook for almost three years and not once have I had a need to remove the battery.

The other reason why people are against having the integrated battery is because they can’t swap out the battery when it no longer will hold a charge.  At first Apple charged a fee to replace the integrated battery on the iPhone.  Now if you have AppleCare with your iPhone you have one complementary battery replacement.  Apple is also offering a battery replacement program for the iPad, but it’s not what you would expect Apple to do for a battery replacement program.

Slash Lane, for AppleInsider, is reporting that Apple will replace your iPad, that’s correct replace your iPad and not the battery if it will no longer hold a charge or be able to be charged.  There will be a $99 fee for the replacement, plus $6.95 for shipping; which comes to a total of $105.95.  If your are in the United States the $99.00 fee will have local taxes assessed.

This, in my opinion is a small price to pay to receive a replacement unit.  If you look at the low end iPad at $499 with the same sales tax you’ll be paying $547.65.  You would be saving $432.05 with Apple’s replacement program.  For full details on Apple’s iPad battery replacement program click here.  I’m wondering if Apple will do the same with the iPad battery replacement program like they did with the iPhone, and offer one complimentary iPad replacement.  Then you would only pay $99 for AppleCare.

This is something we will have to wait and see with time.  AppleCare in this care would more than pay for itself if Apple went this route.  I have AppleCare for all of my Apple computers, as well as my iPhones.  Trust me when I say that the AppleCare’s have paid for themselves every time.  Let’s see if AppleCare will pay for itself with the iPad battery replacement program.

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Article Via AppleInsider

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