Apple iPad takes 61 percent of the tablet market worldwide for 2011, according to Digitimes Research report

A new report from Digitimes Research predicts that Apple will continue to dominate the tablet market in 2011 with 40 million iPads shipped, accounting for 61 percent of a global total of approximately 65.2 million tablets. The special report reveals tablet shipments were up 420 percent from the previous first half of 2010, and predicts an increase of 150 percent for the second half of the year as compared to 2010. Apple’s iPad shipments will reach 25.5 million units for the second half of 2011, up 76 percent from last year.

For the second half of 2011, shipments of all tablets that are not an iPad are expected to reach 15.65 million units.

The news is not surprising given how successful Apple has been at defining the market and maintaining its nearly two year lead over its competitors. Only now are we seeing credible competitors to the iPad, with Android reaching a level of maturity with its Honeycomb OS for tablets, and HP leveraging the WebOS into a tablet.

The question remains, does anyone want to buy a tablet that isn’t an iPad? I can’t think of a compelling reason, other than personal ones, like you just don’t like Apple on principle. If Apple pulls out an iPad 3 in 2011, I think the percentages will likely increase in Apple’s favour.

Via: thenextweb
Source: DigiTimes

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