Apple says iPad 2 is going to be cheaper than iPad 1 for some internationally

If you live somewhere other than the good old US of A, then you’ve probably been waiting for official word from Apple about the iPad 2 release day. Once bitten and twice shy, many buyers were expecting the iPad 2 to be delayed, much like it was last year; however, Apple’s just published a press release stating that the iPad 2 will be released in 25 more countries this Friday.

Sales will begin at 5 PM local time.

In addition to the announcement, Apple has claimed that the device will be on sale internationally at the suggested retail price of $499 USD. That’s huge savings for some countries. It also confirms the rumor that we’ve been hearing that the iPad in Canada will be available for $499 cheaper than the last version. The Canadian dollar is currently at par with the US dollar. Usually there’s been a premium on Apple products because of the difference in dollar value.

So there you have it—the iPad 2 is officially on sale Friday at 5 PM local time, and it’s likely going to be cheaper than the iPad 1 for some. We’re pretty pumped about that.

Update: iPad 2 will start at $519.00 in Canada

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