Apple goes to the Oscars

Apple has made its own appearance at the Oscars. Not only in person, but virtually as well. There are few ways that they have managed to make the Oscars their own.

Apple CEO and Disney majority share holder Steve Jobs appeared at the Oscars. The picture below was snapped with Jon Chu and Steve Jobs.


This is on the heels of a picture being snapped of Steve Jobs on the red carpet. See the image below.


The second big thing is the first iPad Commerical. Which is now Viewable on the Apple web site.iPad Site. It’s a short 30 second commercial but it is definitely a good way to show off all of the aspects and features of the iPad.

The video starts off with showing off the picture manipulation with expanding the photo stack. As shown in the image below.


The commercial also highlights the iBooks application.


The commercial also presents the iBooks store. It allows the viewers to get a sense of how easy it will be to purchase your favorite books.


Playing a movie is also shown off. There is actual footage from Star Trek shown in the commercial.


Followed by manipulation of the Maps Application. They chose to view the Eiffel Tower in Paris via the Satellite view.


Typing and replying to email is also detailed within the commercial.

Manipulation of your calendar in order to see what is upcoming.


Showing off editing a Pages document. The aspect that is highlighted is how easily your text floats around any image you put into your document.


The video also shows off the ability to select multiple emails and shows them off in a stack.


It should be no surprise that Apple chose the Oscars to drum up anticipation of the impending release of the iPad. Apple chose an event that has high ratings, much like the Superbowl, to show off their latest creation and get the masses wanting their latest creation. This isn’t the first time that Apple chose to use the Oscars to debut a creation. They used the same tactics in 2007 to debut the wildly successful iPhone.

One interesting aspect of the iPad video is that it is entirely in HTML 5. I’m sure this is meant as a big middle finger to Adobe.

There is a third accomplishment for Apple’s CEO, the movie ‘Up’ also won the Oscar for Best Animated Feature film.

Remember, pre-orders will be starting March 12th, so if you’re going to be getting one soon after release, you should make sure to pre-order it. They will be available April 3rd for either delivery or in-store pickup.

Photo Credit for Jon Chu and Steve Jobs goes to Jon Chu.
Photo Credit for the Red carpet picture goes to Wayne Sutton.
All other pictures are screen captures from Apple’s iPad Commercial.

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