Apple Dominates Tablet Market In China

The iPad first launched in China on September 17, 2010, with the newest 3rd generation iPad arriving late on July 19, 2012. Just under two years since it first arrived, Apple is dominating the country’s tablet market, with 72.66 percent of the market share.

A new survey by market research firm Analysys International found that 2.34 million tablets were purchased by Chinese consumers during the second quarter of 2012. This is a 63 percent increase from the previous year. Of the 2.34 million tablets purchased, 72.6 percent of those were iPads, almost three-quarters of all tablets purchased in China.

None of the other tablet makers tracked by Analysys International came even close to Apple’s share of the tablet market. Lenovo came in second to Apple, with only 8.38 percent of the market share. Samsung didn’t even match half of that, with just 3.59 percent of the market share.

This survey of the tablet market in China by Analysys International comes after IDC’s analysis of the global tablet market, which found Apple to have a similarly strong lead worldwide. According to IDC’s study, Apple had a 61.5 percent share of the global tablet market in the second quarter, with Samsung holding 7.3 percent of the global tablet market.

Source: Analysys International via DigiTimes via AllThingsD
Image Credit: DigiTimes

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