Apple buys iPad 2 screens at 300-400% above cost from AU Optronics Corp

With shortages on display panels being rumored, it’s no surprise that Apple’s moving quickly to ensure that they have an adequate supply for the pent up iPad 2 demand. According to Reuters, AU Optronics Corp just struck a gold mine. The company has signed a deal with Apple and is expecting to ship upwards of 30 million displays.

It’s also being reported that Apple may have purchased the displays at premium in order to procure an adequate supply—some are estimating that Apple may have paid between three and four times the normal value.

It’s times like these where Apple’s giant war chest, estimated at $50 billion, comes in handy. Being able to outbid competitors for displays will be a huge advantage moving forward.

Competitors can’t exactly increase their market share if they can’t buy screens for their devices.

Article Via Reuters
Photo Credit: Which? Tech

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