On antennagate, iPad 2, and idiots

In another attempt to get attention, the noble internet denizens think they have uncovered a huge controversy with the iPad 2 — antennagate, the iPad 2 edition. Stop me if you’ve heard this record before. When holding the iPad 2 where the antennas are located, signal strength will slightly degrade. Go Figure.

I know nothing about engineering, nor am I in any way qualified to say this isn’t a problem. But, what I am qualified to say is that these people might as well be idiot-certified. I know radio players haven’t really been all the rage lately, but haven’t any of these antennagate originators ever held an antenna when the radio is playing? Sometimes your music would clear up when holding your radio antenna, and other times you would lose the signal. You know why? You influence those hidden waves moving between the miraculous air we breath and the antenna you’re covering up.

Congratulations, you’ve discovered what a million kids in the 1950s and early 1960s discovered. You’re able to influence wireless signals with your body.

How smart of you.

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