Analyst: iPad 3 going Retina, launch in February

A report from an analyst has revealed that Apple is allegedly going to be implementing a Retina display in the iPad 3, and that the device will launch in February.

Citi Analyst Richard Gardner sent a note to investors:

[quote]”According to “several sources” the next iPad will launch in February, and it will sport a screen with double the resolution of the current model. … There do not appear to be any significant technical hurdles remaining” to prevent a launch of a high-resolution iPad, despite rumors to the contrary.[/quote]

A February release wouldn’t be all that surprising, considering previous iPad version have been announced in the late winter/early spring months in the past. The original iPad was announced on January 27,2010, while the iPad 2 was unveiled in March of 2011. A February release would fall somewhere in between those two points. If we had to hazard a guess, we’d say that Apple would ship the iPad 3 in either late February or early March.

As for the Retina display, it almost seems like a forgone conclusion at this point. While we occasionally question whether a display that sits on your lap, a couple of feet from your face actually needs a Retina display, the rumors have been pretty rampant on this front.

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