Alleged iPad Mini Parts Pop Up Online


iPad mini rumors are at a fever pitch. A Ukrainian iPhone site has allegedly obtained a number of parts for the rumored upcoming iPad mini, including a digitizer, frame, and housing parts. The parts were apparently obtained during a visit to an Asian factory.

At first glance they certainly look like they could be from a smaller, 16:9 iPad; however, that would mean Apple’s moving away from the 4:3 screen in the current iPad. Since the iPhone just made a similar transition, it wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibilities for the iPad. In fact, some would probably prefer it.

In a recent poll published in an iPad mini post, 76.5 precent of you believed that the iPad mini is in fact on the way, and that it’ll be here in short order. That’s easily one of the more lopsided polls we’ve seen here at Macgasm. Crazy.