Adobe Updates Creative Cloud, Introduces iPad Stylus

Today, during a special event, Adobe announced updates to its Creative Cloud suite. Updates included  new apps, features, and even a new stylus for the iPad. Most of the software updates are focused on iOS, with Mac and PC users mostly getting software improvements and feature additions.

New Mobile Software


On the iPad side of things, Adobe has brought Photoshop Mix to Creative Cloud users, an app that lets iPad users edit photos nondestructively using many tools never before seen on a tablet like content-aware fill, camera shake reduction, and many others. When making edits using Photoshop Mix, all edits are processed using Adobe’s servers, so minimal processing is done on the iPad itself.

Adobe has also brought Lightroom to the iPhone with full RAW editing support and Camera Roll uploading. Minimal edits can be made to photos using the app, and organization of photos by event and type is easy with Collections. All images edited in Lightroom for iPhone are synced with Lightroom for iPad and Lightroom 5 on the Mac and PC, so you can seamlessly switch devices.

Desktop Software Updates

Adobe’s desktop Creative Cloud apps were also given updates today with most apps receiving performance updates, minor feature additions, and more efficient workflows. Photoshop CC, on the other hand, was given a new Blur Gallery with a load of new motion-blur effects and a Focus Mask feature that improves shallow depth of field in portraits.

Creative Cloud is subscription plan offered by Adobe, and there’s two plans available to customers: Photography and Complete. Photography runs $9.99 per month and includes Lightroom and Photoshop–Adobe’s flagship photo organization and editing apps. Users that need the rest of the Creative Suite can purchase the Complete plan that costs $49.99 per month and includes all Creative Cloud apps like Dreamweaver, Illustrator, and a bunch more.

This subscription model is working out for the company; according to WSJ, Adobe released information this Monday stating that it has seen a 16% jump in revenue during Q2, mostly due to new Creative Cloud subscriptions.

iPad Hardware


In addition to this plethora of new software and updates, Adobe introduced two new accessories for iPad: Sketch and Line. Ink is Adobe’s new Bluetooth-enabeled smart stylus for iPad that reportedly feels similar to pen and paper when in use and lets Creative Cloud users draw, as well as  add shapes to their projects with ease. On top of this, Ink is connected to your Creative Cloud account and automatically signs you in to your Creative Cloud account when paired with an iPad with Creative Cloud apps installed, even if it isn’t your iPad.

This is perfect for graphic designers who want to show people their work on a client’s iPad in a meeting, or for those who have a work and a personal iPad at home.

When you order an Ink stylus for your iPad, it will come with Slide, a ruler for your iPad that is completely capacitive that requires no additional power. You can lay the device down on your iPad’s screen, and when you place your finger on it, your iPad will recognize Slide and it can then be used to draw curves and lines and even place pre-drawn shapes and stamps on your document.

Ink and Slide cost $200 and are constructed with an aluminum shell, making for a great match with white iPad models.

Andrew is a geek, Apple enthusiast, blogger and coffee lover from Chicago.