Add A Handle To Your iPad With This Colorful Case

If you want your iPad to look good and be a bit easier to carry, the ColorWare Grip 3 case for iPad is the case for you. The Grip 3 is a hardshell case made out of aluminum with a fiberglass back panel. The case’s coloring is completely customizable via ColorWare’s website as each case is custom made in the United States. You can choose the coloring of the back panel, frame and built-in handle as well as the finish of the paint.

The Grip 3 not only makes your 9.7-inch iPad look good, but it adds a bit of grip to your device as well. The case’s handle is built into the left-hand side of the frame. You can use this handle to carry your iPad around or to more easily prop your iPad at an angle with your hand. Overall, it looks like a really neat idea for doctors or other people who are constantly on the move with their iPad.

ColorWare is a company that specializes in custom coloring of consumer electronic devices. The company can customize everything from the iPhone 5 to the Mac mini, but you’ll be paying a large price to do so.

Since the Grip 3 is totally customizable and made out of high quality materials, the case does come with quite a steep price-tag. If you’d like to grab a Grip 3 for your iPad 2, new iPad or fouth-generation iPad with Retina display, expect to drop a pretty $300. But hey, if you already have a $1030 full-color iPad with Cellular Data from ColorWare, the case’s price shouldn’t be more than a drop in the bucket, right?

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