ABC now has an app that Syncs with your TV

ABC clearly gets it. First, they bring an amazing application to the App Store that allows people to watch their entire lineup from their iPad. Now, they’re adding a whole new layer to your TV viewing experience with their “My Generation” application.

If you’re looking for an interactive experience while watching ABC’s My Generation, you’re going to want to check out the collaborative application from ABC and Nielsen. The application uses the iPad’s built in microphone to pick up audio queues from your television, PVR, or download, and then provides you with interactive information from the show. You can get polls, trivia, and other tidbits of information about the shows, all in real-time, from the comfort of your couch. You know how everyone’s complaining about how the iPad hasn’t been as revolutionary as the iPhone? Well, it’s looking like things are starting to pickup. Nielsen’s Media Sync Platform could be a huge first step in providing an entirely new television watching experience. There’s been multiple kicks at this can before, with reality television trying to get people to use their computers during shows, but it seems like the iPad could be a better suited device in this case.

While the application is free on the AppStore, we’re uncertain if it will work outside the US borders. The ABC application doesn’t work currently, without some VPN magic, and we wouldn’t be surprised if the My Generation application does the same. We’ll try it out for you once we figure out what My Generation is, and where we can actually watch it up here in Canada.

Article Via Electronista

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